Corns, Calluses and Cracked Heels


Corns, Calluses and Ingrown Toe Nails

The qualified team of podiatrists at Beyond Podiatry in Newcastle will be able to treat and determine the cause of your corns and calluses and suggest ways to prevent them from redeveloping on the foot.

Corns and Calluses

  • Corns and calluses are caused by poor fitting footwear and/or uneven walking patterns due to incorrect foot structure
  • Corns and calluses are gently trimmed back using a scalpel. This is a painless treatment

Cracked Heels

  • Cracked heels are a build-up of hard skin, which crack due to pressure from walking and standing
  • The Podiatrist can gently remove the hard skin
  • The treatment is painless and the heels feel soft and smooth


Fungal Infections, Ingrown Toenails and Thickened Nails

Nail conditions can be painful and unsightly. Our team of Newcastle podiatrists can provide advice and treatment for the nail conditions below.

Thickened Nails

  • Our podiatrists can gently thin the nail down with a diamond burr so it looks normal

Ingrown Toenails

  • Most cases will require conservative treatment, which involves gently trimming the nail away from the skin
  • Some patients will need minor nail surgery, which can be performed in our rooms using anaesthetic. MORE INFO

Fungal Nails

  • Fungal infected nails can appear white, yellow or brown in colour
  • Our Podiatrists in Newcastle can recommend the latest evidence based treatment including LASER TREATMENT to eradicate your fungal infection

Laser Treatment Available Now

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